Friday, July 25, 2008

Semi-Annual Blog

Just when you wanted to delete my link from your blog sites I'm updating my site with a few more pictures and a bit more history. The biggest news, I know you all know by now, is Seaira Kristine Rix. Here a few picutes of the last two months...
All the "big" kids our out of school for the summer and enjoying time at the pool, with friends, games and T.V. We all wish we had the energy to keep up with them but it seems that the only energy we have is taken in cleaning up after them!! Youth is wasted on the young as they say. I have to remember that getting old is all a part of the merciful plan but sometimes I would like a few less aches in the morning...I can't wait until I'm even older, right Dad?

Here are a few pictures of our last vacation. We spent some time in Kwona's hometown. She hasn't been back for 20+ years but her home where she was born in is still there. Her school has be replaced with more modern schools, the stream where she used to play and bathe is still there as well. She also took us to a favorite vacation site near her home to a place called My San.

Cari, Devin and Dillon are growing even tough I stopped watering them a few months ago...

The next few pictures are for Jenna. She always in interested with designs, and creatures etc so these are a bit of a combination of both. If you look close at the hole you may even see the crab who has been creating such a masterpiece.

The next couple are some creatures we found (I believe they were all dead before we got to them!!); please no complaints. The other ones, not shown, were later boiled and eaten!!!

There were many more but that is it for this time.
I hope all is well with everybody and I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into our latest happenings.
Take care and until next time... (maybe even a supplementary issue!) keep smiling!!


KickButtMommy said...

Seaira is absolutely beautiful and fits in perfectly with your other good looking kids! What an adventure you are having. Your family is growing and changing so much! Where does the time go.

Love to all!
Miles and Heather

jmr said...

YES!!! A POST!! I knew one was coming when I started seeing comments from my mysterious brother on my blog!

Just when I was determined to make it a ritual in my life to stop by your blog to say hello to my friend, the golden pig, until I was old and gray (like you dear brother, or in your case, old and bald?) BUT YOU POSTED PICTURES AND STORIES and I especially loved the watering comment. So witty and funny you are my friend.

And Seira?! Oh why am I even surprised at how beautiful she is already?

Love the beach pictures, and the creatures...

I should stop rambling on because I'm sure this won't be my last comment on this entry! (I can't help it! when Heather let me know you posted I jumped for my computer immediatly!)

Love you Ben and company!!

jmr said...

told you I'd be back, really I do know how to spell Seaira...

vickers said...

The curtains from Heaven have rolled open and I hear a heavenly chorus of great Hallelujahs. Ben has blogged!!!!!
First, Cari is drop dead gorgeous, just like her Smokin' mom!
Dillon is quite the dude. And Devin is one tough big bro...tho his dimples are seriously loved by the camera.
Seaira will always be the spoiled darling just cuz she is so worth it.
The glimpse into your family is definitely heaven sent.

Sioux said...

WOW! What can I add that has not been said...glad to see a post after 7 months! I didn't realize having a baby took so much out of a Dad! The family pictures are beautiful, and that new baby is just the sweetest. Glad to hear from you Benji.

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