Sunday, December 30, 2007

The end of the "Year of the Golden Pig" is now closing and has brought us many changes. We have been blessed beyond measure and are thankful for so many things. Top on our list is our family and friends who add so much flavor to our lives. We are now living in lodging for another 5 days until our new apartment becomes ready to inhabit. Preparations for my Change of Command are going well and I expect the ceremony to happen on the 9th of January. The company I will be in command of has a very large amount of the Army's entire ammunition stockages. It will be an exciting challenge to be involved with the company.
I have been released as the branch president, a whole of three months serving, Kwona has been released as the Young Women's president and we are now just getting to know our new branch. The kids have been uprooted again and had two days of school at their new school before the winter break.
Life here at the lodge is tiresome but because we have two rooms and two TVs we are entertained in the close quarters when wrestling and tickle wars wear off. We also try to get to see many of Kwona's friends and relatives who we haven't seen much of while we were farther away in Daegu. It is fun to be back at Camp Humphreys where Kwona and I started our married life together 13+ years ago. This place has changed but will change even more in the next two years as many of the US Forces will be moved from Seoul and north to this camp.

Devin hit the ripe old age of 8. This is a picture of our traditional pancake breakfast when there is a birthday. The pancake is expertly sculptured into the number of the age the birthday boy in this case. Since Devin turned eight the next picture shows an important step in his life.

Following are some more pictures to catch you up to date:
The BABY - I say it is a girl...

Cari - Here is a red picture to Jenna's Blue

Devin and I on our 7+ hour hike up and down more mountains than my body wants to remember!!

This is a funny picture. Notice the young children listening to the Chinese singers. They didn't care for it much... me too.

Dillon Impossible!!

Kwona and I on a bus trip to the Mask Festival. Kids are there, not seen but heard!!

That is it for this blog. I hope you are all healthy and happy.


KickButtMommy said...

Yay! Its a Christmas Miracle! A new blog from Ben. I love the pics and could have used them for my cookbook (which you will be receiving this month) DRAT! That u/s picture is amazing and preciuos. Happy New Year!

frybaby said...

What a great Christmas present you gave to Grandma.....Your Blog Post! I still check every once in a while to see if anything pops up but hadn't recently until Grandma told me to! What a great surprise and so many wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see the new little Rix!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog entry. We love all the pictures and the update. Can't wait to get there and join in the tickle parties.
grandma and grandpa

Sioux said...

WOW! From Sept to Dec, but well worth the wait with the great pix of family and the update on what is going on in your lives! Fun to see the ultrasound of the baby, too. Rock On, Ben! We need more . . .

jmr said...

i miss you and love you and I'm so glad you finally posted! This year HAS been a big one for you, the excitement about the wee one hasn't lessened for me at all, only grown! Can't wait for this summer!

vickers said...

The portrait of your newest baby is precious. Not knowing what I am looking at in the u/s I saw a mother holding and kissing her baby. Check it out....the mother is on the left, with long hair, and she is holding her baby in her super large right hand. The fingers of her hand curl up the baby's back and the baby and mommy are kissing. Incredible.
Now, tell me what I am really seeing and how do you think it is a girl from that shot?!
In other news: Ben, you and Kwona still are as young and beautiful as you were 13.5 years ago....except for your bald noggin.
Can I rub it?! Congrats to the Devin on his birthday and on his baptism.

Sioux said...

AGAIN - FROM DEC. TO MAY! Are we waiting for the new baby before we get another blog?

Jackie said...

Hey, its Jackie! Jenna's friend!
I'm writing to tell you congrats on the baby! I am thrilled and it sounds like you were...surprise! Thats great thought! You guys sure have darling kids...
I'm still waiting to welcome you into the new year...2008! Can't wait for your next post!!!